Networking Can Be Good for the Soul

If you are an introvert you may have just recoiled slightly at that title, ha.

Seriously though, if you are flying solo in your biz it can be incredibly lonely sometimes.

We all crave a bit of connection now and again, someone to bounce ideas off or seek advice if you’re going through something…or celebrate the wins!

Having biz besties or making online connections (or in person, even better) to be able to have that can be so valuable.

I had my first in person networking event earlier this week for the first time in ages and it was so good getting to chat to other small business owners.

I was actually there to support an online friend that I was meeting for the first time in real life and it was so good finally getting to squish her in person.

You quickly realise how much you can relate to each other and shared experiences. even if your businesses are completely different.

I know it can be scary to put yourself out there but I would highly encourage you to reach out to that person on Insta who you follow and you love their content or can relate to their posts. Take yourself to a business breakfast or networking event and introduce yourself, these connections can play a part in the future growth of your business.

But they are also just good for your mental health in general.

If you are feeling lonely in your business, take steps towards finding your community that will be there for you through the rollercoaster that biz life is.

Also, you are always welcome to dm me…I am down to hype you up or be an ear when you need someone to listen. [@socialconfettico]

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